Michael Dover Landscape Design specializes in retaining wall construction in Canton, OH and throughout Northeast Ohio. Our retaining walls are aesthetically pleasing structures that serve both practical and decorative purposes.

Here are a few questions you might consider asking or discussing with Michael Dover Landscape Design during our initial meeting:

  1. Portfolio and Past Projects: We can show you our portfolio of past projects related to retaining walls. This can give you a sense of our different designs and the quality of our work.
  2. Material Options: We can review the various materials we recommend for retaining walls based on our local climate and soil conditions. Understanding the pros and cons of different materials can help you make informed decisions.
  3. Design Process: We can review our design process, including how we assess the specific needs of your landscape, the considerations we take into account, and how we collaborate with you to bring your visions to life.
  4. Local Regulations: We are familiar with local regulations and codes related to retaining walls in Canton, OH and throughout Northeast Ohio. We ensure that the construction complies with local requirements is crucial for a successful project.
  5. Timeline and Budget: Based on your approved design, we’ll review the timeline for the project and discuss the budget. Understanding these aspects in advance can help manage expectations and ensure a smooth collaboration.
  6. Maintenance Recommendations: We’ll review our recommendations for maintaining the retaining walls over time. Understanding how to care for the structures can contribute to their longevity.

If you have specific preferences or ideas for your retaining walls, be sure to communicate them with us during the initial consultation. In the meantime review some of our sample installation at our website – www.MichaelDover.com.