A cohesive design - It's a fact that every beautiful landscape begins with a plan. If you try to construct a landscape without having an overall design, you'll end up with a piecemeal look. Our designers are trained in the principles of landscape design and experienced in the application of them. We know plants, we know construction techniques, and we know how to put the two together to create beautiful, functional, long-lasting, and low-maintenance landscapes that are tailored to meet the needs and desires of our clients.

An informative design - What good is nice landscaping if you don't know how to maintain it? At Michael Dover Landscape Design, we don't just give you a drawing and a list of plants. We give you detailed information about each plant in the design and a comprehensive maintenance schedule so that you or your landscaping crew can keep your property looking good as the plants mature.

A fulfilled design - The best designs are no good if they are not properly implemented. Our crews have the experience to expertly do all the work in your landscaping installation project from start to finish, including planting, irrigation, hardscaping, lighting, and more.

Michael Dover Landscape Design